Why are you a good fit for this position?

→ Interviewers want to see how you can sell yourself and how you can relate your previous experiences to this current position.

You can pool your answers from Tell me about yourself and Why are you interested in this position.

Sample response:

  • I have great organizational skills:
    For my current internship, I utilize different project management software such as Microsoft Project and the department’s own software system. I keep track of project tickets, color-code key events, and even share a Google Doc with my supervisor that lists all of my assignments and the process for each one. 
  • I am also extremely detail-oriented, and this position needs keen employees:
    I proofread all material that is sent out. I was able to point out incorrect usage of a statistic for an e-mail my supervisor was sending out. 
  • I am also able to adapt to different situations when needed:
    My current internship gets fast-paced at the beginning of each semester, so I need to juggle several assignments at once. I have a system where I can work on one assignment then work on another one as my I wait for feedback from other team members. When my work environment gets slow-paced, I know I can ask my supervisor and other team members when they need assistance.

For this response, I listed a trait then gave examples and/or accomplishments for each one. The traits I listed above are versatile and important in any work environment.

You can write a list of traits about yourself and give examples of each one from your work experience, and when relevant questions are asked, you can grab them from your pool.


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