Quantifying Your Accomplishments

People like numbers. Why? They’re easy to follow and they stand out from the rest of your text. Also, being able to quantify your accomplishments, such as “increasing utilization of the platform by 150%” sounds a lot fancier than “increased overall utilization of the platform.”

Adding numbers helps the recruiter see how much you have had an impact on the previous organizations you’ve worked at. Even your most seemingly menial experiences such as a customer service representative can seem more attractive and meaningful when adding appropriate statistics.

Here’s an example:

Clothing Company Co.
Retail Associate

  • Improved customer satisfaction by 200% by interacting with customers on their needs, establishing a new sense of customer awareness, and efficiently resolving conflicts
  • Interacted with 50+ customers a day by approaching them when they first enter the store, being aware of when they needed help, and offering assistance with clothing choices
  • Collaborated with other co-workers and supervisors to establish a more efficient working environment

The only way to pull such numbers is by asking for survey feedback or asking your manager for these numbers. Never fabricate these numbers, as interviewers will ask you how you obtained such information.