Last Check-In!

It is the end of the semester and I am very pleased with this blog. I have had my up’s and down’s with this blog, concerning regularly creating posts, but I aim to be consistent when summer begins. My class posts were difficult to create sometimes, as I feel that I had a hard time creating content for them. Nonetheless, they were a pleasure to write about and these assignments forced me to try different sites and software I would have never considered using.

In terms of readers, I have had 489 visits to this blog and 19 comments. The best amount of page views I have received in a day was 83. I never expected my blog to blow up so quickly in its initial stages. These numbers give me hope and drive me to work even harder to make posts.

Making myself known in the crowd

As you already may know, the purpose of my blog is geared towards college students — helping them achieve their job-related goals. There are several job search engine sites and blogs/newsletters out there that are geared towards the career development field and target other groups as well (mid-career, trade school, etc.).

My website “adds to the conversation” because I am targeting specifically college students — my peers — and to help them in their job search and preparation. Hence, my tags not only consist of keywords such as “interviewing” and “resumes,” but also “students,” and “college” as well. Once in a while I will create posts that directly speak to and connect with college students; they will be more than the average “do these 5 things on your resume, doctors will hate you!” kind of posts.

Interestingly enough, I have encountered blogs that also advertise jobs that are geared towards a specific audience. If this blog every grows to be something large, I will consider doing that as well. For now, the resume critiques and simple informative blog posts will be enough.

If my audience does grow to the thousands, I may even have a live-chat or start uploading videos of myself talking that explain my personal experiences. It feels more personal and real to the audience.

Powerpuff myself?

This blog post is one of the more interesting posts I’ve had to write for this class thus far. I thoroughly enjoyed it though — spending the time to carefully make sure if my hair really looked like that when in a ponytail and if my outfits actually matched the ones they provided in the avatar process. I think the franchise did a good job with this website: they provided ample options for facial features (that matched closely with the Powerpuff girls) and creative outfits.

The ending really had me hooked though — I took a short personality test to see what kind of Powerpuff girl I was and couldn’t help but to be happy at the result. Who doesn’t enjoy being fearless?

I took the time to also Peanutize myself as well, to compare the two sites. They had an option to “Snoopytize” myself, and couldn’t help myself but to play around with the large Snoopy.

In all seriousness, I liked how the Peanutize site provided options for a background as well. They also provided ample options for facial and outfit options.

But the Powerpuff site is the winner in my opinion.

In general having such sites where we can become one with the movie or TV show really shows the fans’ love for each franchise.

CC Usage

For this assignment, it was fairly difficult to find a picture that was relevant for my blog. Most of the “interview” and even “job interview” photos I wanted weren’t the best quality or were even of news reporters interviewing individuals. Utilizing a song or video is also difficult because there are not many songs that would further promote or add to my blog. Derogatory content is also unacceptable for a blog promoting professionalism.

But… without Creative Commons, I wouldn’t be able to use pictures like the one above for my blog freely or without any trouble.

According to the Fair Use checklist created by the Copyright Advisory Office, I am allowed to use this piece of media because:

√ Teaching
√ Important to favored educational objectives
√ Small quantity
√ Portion used is not central or significant
√ Amount is appropriate for favored educational purpose
√ One or few copies made market for copyrighted work or derivative
√ No significant effect on the market

In no way am I attempting to alter this photo. I am also crediting the website it originated from. I firmly believe in using other sources of media that I did not create, as long as I credit the original owner and I am not altering the photo to be offensive.



If only Wumbology was real and we could study all things wumbo.

Spongebob memes are probably my all time favorite memes — the images from this show (considering there are so many hilarious and ridiculous facial expressions and body contortions) perfectly complement the text in certain memes.

One meme I feel almost everyone can relate to is:

For me personally, the idea of interviewing skyrockets my anxiety and I can’t concentrate on anything else other than the interview. I also tend to shake and not speak properly when I’m nervous, so I have to add extra self-control when my interviewing. Long story short, I’m a nervous wreck. And during the times when I struggled with depression, bringing myself to interviews and trying not to hide my weak side was a true struggle. It’s completely understandable to feel this way when interviewing — after all, we’re putting ourselves out there and trying to highlight the best part of ourselves, which can be hard when they’re not so obvious to us.

Another meme that is more light-hearted (not really):

Sometimes it’s incredibly hard to find the reasons why we want to work for a specific company other than we want to make money and/or need to fill that extra spot on our resume. I’ve seen this meme shared and liked by thousands of Facebook users, so it’s safe to say that many people feel this lack of connection between their passions and the position they’re interviewing for.

For such serious matters, it’s important to joke around and lighten the atmosphere. Memes like these may add confidence and encouragement to those who are struggling.

How to Promote This Blog via Social Media

Interview prepping isn’t the most snazzy topic for students our age, so reaching my targeted audience is much more difficult than anticipated. In order to gather as many readers as possible, I need to not only promote the blog but also make sure they continue reading.

One main site I recommend is Facebook. Posting this link into your university’s class of 20xx groups, sharing it on various school-related events will reach out to a population that is more interested in developing professional skills. These Facebook groups tend to have thousands of students, so this one post will have at least half of the students viewing this link.

What better way to show prospective employers and your connections your interest in the development of important skills than to post it on your LinkedIn? In this case, you would receive generally positive reactions from your connections. It’s a win-win situation for both the reader and my blog.

The sites I don’t recommend would be Instagram and Twitter. If I were to create graphic design IG posts in the future, then IG is a viable option. However, I would need a much larger following for that to happen. I also don’t see Twitter as a proper place to promote my blog in particular, due to its specific nature.

The Harsh Reality.

When we’re children, we’re told we can become anything we want to, as long as we try our best.

When we’re teenagers in high school, we’re told to treasure our youth, because adulthood is only a few steps away.

When we’re in college, we’re told we need to stand out from the crowd, so we can be acknowledged, seen, and respected.

But, if thousands of college students are being told that they need to stand out, aren’t we just a part of the crowd? What will we need to do in order to be unique, to be apart from those who are already doing so? How do we achieve your goals when trying our best just doesn’t cut it, and how do we balance this transition from being kids to… adults?

Our lives as college students are incredibly difficult because we are not only juggling between school, work, personal life, and social life but also finding our places in the world and where we belong. The last thing we want to think about is jobs because they signify a journey from the classroom to an office. And as humans living in this fast-paced, digital world, instant gratification is what we want. Oftentimes, the goal is in our mind and not the path to getting there.

The journey is incredibly important, however, and cannot be looked over. I hope that I can guide my peers through this journey with the advice that I have from my experiences and the experiences I hear from others as well.

My Experience With Screencasting

For my screencasting assignment, I needed to choose a blog I like, and screencast it! The application my professor suggested to use – Jing – was incredibly easy to use. All it required me to do was download it, choose a part of the screen I wanted to record, and I recorded it! After finishing my screencast, it automatically creates a link for you (if you choose) and you can find my screencast here.

This assignment actually took me a few tries because I needed to know what I wanted to say about the blog I was commenting on. I don’t follow any WordPress blogs, so I ended up googling “best WordPress sites to follow,” clicked on an article, and scrolled through a few blogs. For this assignment I chose the Greenwich Library’s site.  What I really loved about this blog was it’s beautiful yet easy-to-use design. Personally, when I think about a library, I think about endless rows of books and dusty old rooms (which I like actually). This website completely shattered that thought and blew me away. This website offers 24/6 accessibility to its users concerning its resources, your library account information, and the events that take place there.

Comparing my experience with my commercial, this assignment was a godsend. It took me 30 minutes to complete. I personally don’t have any experience with screencasting and I don’t talk much — I’m a writer after all. Fortunately, these assignments let me speak more than I usually do, and I’m grateful for that.

I personally don’t have any experience with screencasting and I don’t talk much — I’m accustomed to writing out my feelings and opinions. Fortunately, these assignments let me speak more than I usually do, and I’m grateful for that.

Overall, this experience was enjoyable and I look forward to any other assignments for my blog.

I’ll admit it — I found something I’m hilariously terrible at.

This Garageband assignment was a nightmare for me. I thought my previous header was going to turn out badly but it unexpectedly came out great. However… this commercial I made? It’s safe to say, I will probably never listen to it again.

At first, I tried Audacity because I thought it would’ve been easier to use than Garageband. I have an affinity for PC software (I recently converted to Mac because Windows 10 paired with touch-screen laptops aren’t the greatest). I used to mix music at a very brief point in time a few years back, so I thought “this won’t be bad at all.”

But when I opened up the software, my immediate reaction was: why?

It looked completely outdated. Like Windows XP outdated. Maybe my friend sent me the wrong download link but it was trash in my opinion. I spent an hour trying to play with it and gave up.

I then started up Garageband and I was a lot more relieved its UI is much more friendly. However, the Garageband tutorials my professor had up were for an outdated Garageband. So finding the right advice was pretty difficult, since most people apparently use an older version. Needless to say, I spent another hour and a half trying to get it to work. After a few song shuffling and multiple attempts at recording my voice, I finally got it to work.

I’d say the overall difficulty of this assignment for ME, in a scale from 1-10, 1 being the easiest and 10 being the hardest, was definitely a solid 9. A 10 would mean I wouldn’t be able to complete it at all. So… I was close.

Due to the requirements of my class, I need to upload my commercial, and you can access it here.


Songs I used:

Lose Myself by Seven Lions

Colours by CaPa

One thing led to another…

I really loved my old header image. It fit perfectly with my logo and the theme of my blog; it was versatile, simple, and classy.

But Professor Bridges’ assignment to change our header absolutely killed me. My design skills are on par with a penguin, so trashing my current header and trying to mesh 2+ images from Google with Photoshop seemed like an absolute nightmare.

Luckily, after looking at some inspiration from Dribble and thinking about the theme of my blog, I created a new header. I didn’t mesh the two photos on top of each other — rather, I put them next to each other and had a transparent, colored square partially cover one of the photos. The hardest part of this assignment was finding the perfect photos because they are the base of the header. Everything else came naturally — the transparency and the motto I would put on after.

But the header wasn’t the only thing that was changed either. After uploading my new header, I realized my logo looked childish. It fit better with my previous header, but my new one looked more professional and sleek. When paired with this new header, my logo looked childish and unfitting.

So, I changed my logo at the top too. The font and size changed to match the text in the header. I guess this assignment really did benefit my blog — I was able to improve its overall look.

The skills I worked on for this assignment can definitely come in handy in the future when I want to create featured images for m future blog posts, and even social media. I sometimes use PhotoShop and InDesign at my current internship, but I use a given template so I’m not allowed to exercise my creativity all too much. I’m sure anyone can use simpler design software like Pixlr for the above mentioned as well.

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