Making myself known in the crowd

As you already may know, the purpose of my blog is geared towards college students — helping them achieve their job-related goals. There are several job search engine sites and blogs/newsletters out there that are geared towards the career development field and target other groups as well (mid-career, trade school, etc.).

My website “adds to the conversation” because I am targeting specifically college students — my peers — and to help them in their job search and preparation. Hence, my tags not only consist of keywords such as “interviewing” and “resumes,” but also “students,” and “college” as well. Once in a while I will create posts that directly speak to and connect with college students; they will be more than the average “do these 5 things on your resume, doctors will hate you!” kind of posts.

Interestingly enough, I have encountered blogs that also advertise jobs that are geared towards a specific audience. If this blog every grows to be something large, I will consider doing that as well. For now, the resume critiques and simple informative blog posts will be enough.

If my audience does grow to the thousands, I may even have a live-chat or start uploading videos of myself talking that explain my personal experiences. It feels more personal and real to the audience.


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