Powerpuff myself?

This blog post is one of the more interesting posts I’ve had to write for this class thus far. I thoroughly enjoyed it though — spending the time to carefully make sure if my hair really looked like that when in a ponytail and if my outfits actually matched the ones they provided in the avatar process. I think the franchise did a good job with this website: they provided ample options for facial features (that matched closely with the Powerpuff girls) and creative outfits.

The ending really had me hooked though — I took a short personality test to see what kind of Powerpuff girl I was and couldn’t help but to be happy at the result. Who doesn’t enjoy being fearless?

I took the time to also Peanutize myself as well, to compare the two sites. They had an option to “Snoopytize” myself, and couldn’t help myself but to play around with the large Snoopy.

In all seriousness, I liked how the Peanutize site provided options for a background as well. They also provided ample options for facial and outfit options.

But the Powerpuff site is the winner in my opinion.

In general having such sites where we can become one with the movie or TV show really shows the fans’ love for each franchise.


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