Last Check-In!

It is the end of the semester and I am very pleased with this blog. I have had my up’s and down’s with this blog, concerning regularly creating posts, but I aim to be consistent when summer begins. My class posts were difficult to create sometimes, as I feel that I had a hard time creating content for them. Nonetheless, they were a pleasure to write about and these assignments forced me to try different sites and software I would have never considered using.

In terms of readers, I have had 489 visits to this blog and 19 comments. The best amount of page views I have received in a day was 83. I never expected my blog to blow up so quickly in its initial stages. These numbers give me hope and drive me to work even harder to make posts.

Making myself known in the crowd

As you already may know, the purpose of my blog is geared towards college students — helping them achieve their job-related goals. There are several job search engine sites and blogs/newsletters out there that are geared towards the career development field and target other groups as well (mid-career, trade school, etc.).

My website “adds to the conversation” because I am targeting specifically college students — my peers — and to help them in their job search and preparation. Hence, my tags not only consist of keywords such as “interviewing” and “resumes,” but also “students,” and “college” as well. Once in a while I will create posts that directly speak to and connect with college students; they will be more than the average “do these 5 things on your resume, doctors will hate you!” kind of posts.

Interestingly enough, I have encountered blogs that also advertise jobs that are geared towards a specific audience. If this blog every grows to be something large, I will consider doing that as well. For now, the resume critiques and simple informative blog posts will be enough.

If my audience does grow to the thousands, I may even have a live-chat or start uploading videos of myself talking that explain my personal experiences. It feels more personal and real to the audience.

Powerpuff myself?

This blog post is one of the more interesting posts I’ve had to write for this class thus far. I thoroughly enjoyed it though — spending the time to carefully make sure if my hair really looked like that when in a ponytail and if my outfits actually matched the ones they provided in the avatar process. I think the franchise did a good job with this website: they provided ample options for facial features (that matched closely with the Powerpuff girls) and creative outfits.

The ending really had me hooked though — I took a short personality test to see what kind of Powerpuff girl I was and couldn’t help but to be happy at the result. Who doesn’t enjoy being fearless?

I took the time to also Peanutize myself as well, to compare the two sites. They had an option to “Snoopytize” myself, and couldn’t help myself but to play around with the large Snoopy.

In all seriousness, I liked how the Peanutize site provided options for a background as well. They also provided ample options for facial and outfit options.

But the Powerpuff site is the winner in my opinion.

In general having such sites where we can become one with the movie or TV show really shows the fans’ love for each franchise.

My most recent interviewing experience

In the past month, I had 2 interviews for 2 different positions for the upcoming 2017-18 year. The first interview I had was about an hour long and consisted of approximately 10 questions. Some of the questions were basic interviewing questions (which are listed here in my FAIQ) while others were definitely a notch up and needed proper prepping beforehand. To be honest, I didn’t do so hot in this interview because I was visibly and audibly nervous, my answers for 2 questions were bs’ed on the spot, and halfway through the interview, I realized I actually didn’t want the position anyway.

Regardless, I view all interview practice as valuable practice. Here are the questions I remember from the first interview:

  1. Tell me about yourself
  2. What makes you a good fit
  3. Why should we hire you
  4. Why do you want this position
  5. Do you have any prior event-planning experience
  6. What are the challenges you anticipate while working this position
  7. How do you recommend going about learning new software
  8. Do you have any ideas for promoting our program
  9. Describe a situation where you had something time sensitive but couldn’t reach out to anyone about it
  10. Describe a situation where you used your interpersonal skills to offer a service

I underlined the questions that I believe will show up in almost all future interviews — these questions can be worded differently, they demonstrate your knowledge in the field, and they make you think on your feet.

I asked for interview feedback about a week after, making sure I knew what TO DO and what NOT TO DO for the next interview, which was only a week away. Here is what the interviewer said:

  • It was obvious that you were nervous. It’s fine though because we expect everyone to be nervous when interviewing.
  • You had all the right answers but there seemed to be a lack of passion for the position. Smiling and being personable is definitely important. It’s understandable that it is difficult to be smiling when you’re very nervous.
  • In terms of your answers, maybe go more in depth about your projects.
  • You had extensive knowledge about the program we offer and about the department.

There were definitely up’s and down’s about this interview, but I patted myself on the back about what went well, and immediately got to work on what I needed to improve. Despite the challenges I faced during my first interview, such as stuttering and being nervous, I was able to kill my next interview and I was able to land the job I wanted! My stuttering was almost nonexistent, except for one moment where I had trouble pronouncing this blog name 🙁 but overall, I was able to demonstrate my knowledge and passion for the position. I also shared ideas that could be used in the future.

My interview prepping tips can be found in a next post sometime soon, so keep a look out for it!

Good luck on your job prepping journey 🙂