CC Usage

For this assignment, it was fairly difficult to find a picture that was relevant for my blog. Most of the “interview” and even “job interview” photos I wanted weren’t the best quality or were even of news reporters interviewing individuals. Utilizing a song or video is also difficult because there are not many songs that would further promote or add to my blog. Derogatory content is also unacceptable for a blog promoting professionalism.

But… without Creative Commons, I wouldn’t be able to use pictures like the one above for my blog freely or without any trouble.

According to the Fair Use checklist created by the Copyright Advisory Office, I am allowed to use this piece of media because:

√ Teaching
√ Important to favored educational objectives
√ Small quantity
√ Portion used is not central or significant
√ Amount is appropriate for favored educational purpose
√ One or few copies made market for copyrighted work or derivative
√ No significant effect on the market

In no way am I attempting to alter this photo. I am also crediting the website it originated from. I firmly believe in using other sources of media that I did not create, as long as I credit the original owner and I am not altering the photo to be offensive.