The Harsh Reality.

When we’re children, we’re told we can become anything we want to, as long as we try our best.

When we’re teenagers in high school, we’re told to treasure our youth, because adulthood is only a few steps away.

When we’re in college, we’re told we need to stand out from the crowd, so we can be acknowledged, seen, and respected.

But, if thousands of college students are being told that they need to stand out, aren’t we just a part of the crowd? What will we need to do in order to be unique, to be apart from those who are already doing so? How do we achieve your goals when trying our best just doesn’t cut it, and how do we balance this transition from being kids to… adults?

Our lives as college students are incredibly difficult because we are not only juggling between school, work, personal life, and social life but also finding our places in the world and where we belong. The last thing we want to think about is jobs because they signify a journey from the classroom to an office. And as humans living in this fast-paced, digital world, instant gratification is what we want. Oftentimes, the goal is in our mind and not the path to getting there.

The journey is incredibly important, however, and cannot be looked over. I hope that I can guide my peers through this journey with the advice that I have from my experiences and the experiences I hear from others as well.


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