One thing led to another…

I really loved my old header image. It fit perfectly with my logo and the theme of my blog; it was versatile, simple, and classy.

But Professor Bridges’ assignment to change our header absolutely killed me. My design skills are on par with a penguin, so trashing my current header and trying to mesh 2+ images from Google with Photoshop seemed like an absolute nightmare.

Luckily, after looking at some inspiration from Dribble and thinking about the theme of my blog, I created a new header. I didn’t mesh the two photos on top of each other — rather, I put them next to each other and had a transparent, colored square partially cover one of the photos. The hardest part of this assignment was finding the perfect photos because they are the base of the header. Everything else came naturally — the transparency and the motto I would put on after.

But the header wasn’t the only thing that was changed either. After uploading my new header, I realized my logo looked childish. It fit better with my previous header, but my new one looked more professional and sleek. When paired with this new header, my logo looked childish and unfitting.

So, I changed my logo at the top too. The font and size changed to match the text in the header. I guess this assignment really did benefit my blog — I was able to improve its overall look.

The skills I worked on for this assignment can definitely come in handy in the future when I want to create featured images for m future blog posts, and even social media. I sometimes use PhotoShop and InDesign at my current internship, but I use a given template so I’m not allowed to exercise my creativity all too much. I’m sure anyone can use simpler design software like Pixlr for the above mentioned as well.