Why are you interested in this position?

 other ways of asking this question:

Why do you want this job? 

What are you looking for in an internship?

Interviewers want to see what attracts you to this position, what you will gain from it, and how it ties into your previous experiences. Take a look at the job description and highlight which parts stand out to you. What do you like about this position? What can you learn from it? How does it tie in with your current interests?

Sample job description: (re-worded)

Interns will assist in the designing and development processes, directly communicate and work with our suppliers, and execute creatively-designed engineered composite products

  • Lead design/development and coordinate through manufacturing launch.
  • Learn how to work in a fast-paced environment with advanced materials and processes
  • Stay up-to-date with materials processing.
  • Direct raw material and project in/outsourcing.

Sample answer:
I am interested in this position because it not only encompasses the process of developing and executing a manufacturing launch, but it also includes working with cutting-edge technology and learning how to work with employers. At my current internship, I contribute to the processing team by designing the initial process and oversee a manufacturing launch. I believe I can further my experience in materials processing and design.

Boom. You just listed what you’re interested in AND how you will benefit from it. Pretty short and simple.

If you’re asked “What are you looking for in an internship,” you can shape this ^ answer to fit the context.

For example:

“I am looking for an internship where I can learn the process of developing and executing a manufacturing launch and where I can also work with innovative technology. I also have previous experience in material design, so I am hoping I can expand on this skill as well.”

By directly connecting your current interests to the job description, you sound eager to fill the position.


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