Can you run me through your resume?

→How well do you know your resume? Did you make anything up? Can you go more in detail about your experiences rather than repeating the text on your resume?

Remember: whatever you put on your resume is fair game.

So before you start putting down “proficiency in French” when you only took French 101 and 102, read this:

My friend Dylan is fluent in Hebrew and put down “Fluency in Hebrew” on his resume. During his third interview with the COO of a company, the COO started speaking to him in Hebrew.

Fair. Game.

Luckily, Dylan wasn’t exaggerating on his resume and was able to have a conversation with the COO.

We can answer this question the same way we answered tell me about yourself.

  • where you worked / volunteered for
  • what the organization does
  • what you accomplished there
  • what were the results


  • I volunteer at Habitat for Humanity,
  • where we build homes for the impoverished.
  • Here I painted various homes, did fundraising on campus, and promoted the organization with self-designed flyers and posters.  
  • Due to my efforts,  campus awareness of the organization grew by 110% and 50 students signed up to volunteer by the end of my first month.

We see a pattern here — we usually describe a situation, the tasks that were given, the actions we took, and the results that we made happen. This is known as a STAR Technique (Situation, Task, Action, Result). I will go more in-depth with this technique in “Describe a time when…


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