Tell me about yourself.

→ most commonly asked question. The interviewer(s) can learn a lot about you, concerning the content in your answer and how you communicate this answer. This question is asked in both technical and non-technical interviews.

Outline of a response:

  • Name, school where you’re studying, major/minor *optional: why you chose to major or minor in these fields *
  • First experience, what you did there
  • Transition into next experience, what you did there (doesn’t need to be a job, can be an organization you are heavily involved in on campus)
  • What you’re doing now at your current job/org
  • Looking forward, I believe I am a good fit for ____.

Your response may seem lengthy. To avoid this, try to be concise and sum up each point in one sentence.

I wanted to learn how start-ups manage their finances, so I decided to work for ____, where I oversaw their accounts.

You hit all three points in one sentence, and it states where you worked, why you worked there, and what you accomplished.

Example 2:
I strongly believe in advocating for LGBTQ rights, so I joined ____  and worked my way to an officer position, where I reach out to communities and organize campus events.